Brand Voice Clinic

Do you struggle with how to phrase what to post on social media? Or do you have a team member that’s not quite getting the tone of your brand? Is your copy a little all over the place?

You need my Brand Voice Clinic!

We’ll dig deep and discover how EXACTLY how you want your brand to be represented online and what that looks like in terms of:

🖊️ Positioning

🖊️ Voice

🖊️ Jargon

🖊️ Emojis

🖊️ Language

🖊️ Style and Formatting

🖊️ Copy

Once we’ve nailed your brand’s voice together, you’ll be able to walk away with a completed brand voice document which will enable you to:

🌟 Speak confidently to your ideal customer in the right way

🌟 Ensure all your staff represent your business appropriately

🌟 Deliver a consistent brand voice to your customers

🌟 Write effective marketing copy, social posts, emails and ad copy!

Sound good?

The Brand Voice clinic will be conducted via zoom. Together we will explore and devise your brand’s voice and I will then create your brand voice guidelines for you.

Book in now for my introductory price of just £99.00.