Community Management

Are you looking for a Community Manager you can reply on, to support your business? Do you have a Facebook group or private online forum that you need help with?

I can provide complete Community Management to help you streamline your communications, be present for your community, encourage engagement, respond to questions and generally – look after your community! So you can focus on what you do best!

Whether you have a small, hyper niche and engaged paid membership, a large community group, or free challenge group that you’re struggling to keep up with, talk to me about what you need and how I can help.

Community Management services can include (not are not limited to!):

  • Group strategy
  • Content planning, content curation and content posting
  • Welcoming new group members
  • Responding to posts and comments
  • Answering questions
  • Encouraging and driving group engagement
  • Moderating

Let go of the overwhelm, and give yourself the time back to focus on what you do best by enlisting the help of an experience Community Manager!