Community Management

Are you looking for a Community Manager you can reply on, to support your business? Do you have a Facebook group or private online forum that you need help with?

At The Practical Marketing Academy, we can provide complete Community Management to help you streamline your communications, be present for your community, encourage engagement, respond to questions and generally – look after your community! So you can focus on what you do best!

Whether you have a small, hyper niche and engaged paid membership, a large community group, or a free challenge group that you’re struggling to keep up with and pro-actively nurture, talk to me about what you need and how I can help.

Testimonial from

Alejandra is a professional organizing coach who has been featured on US television shows such as Today and Good Morning America. Also known “The Decluttering Queen” and 1 of the 5 “Most Organized People in America”.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Our business focuses on helping people declutter and get organized. We have three Facebook group communities (paid and non-paid). We hired Laura to manage the groups so we could focus on other areas in our business. Specifically, scheduling posts, answering questions, engaging members, moderating where needed, etc.

What stands out with Laura is how organized / detail-oriented she is. From the time we first made contact to actually working together, we found her to be efficient, organized, reliable, resourceful, flexible, and overall just a great person to have on your team.

Early on, we hosted an event with upwards of 15,000 people. The free Facebook group for the event had roughly 10,000 engaged people. Laura did an incredible job solely managing and moderating as needed in a timely manner.

Looking back, we should have hired a 2nd / 3rd person to assist her as she was easily doing the job of multiple people. However, she did so with such a positive attitude. She also came up with brilliant ideas for engaging and nurturing new members. When there were fires to put out, she proactively gave her well-thought out recommendations (with suggested verbiage) to use before approaching my partner and I on how to handle the situation. This helped tremendously in us being able to stay focused on our core work.

We also found Laura to be flexible and easy-going with all the changes during the event.

If you’re looking for a community manager to support your members, we would highly recommend Laura Faragher. – Alejandra Costello,

Community Management services can include (not are not limited to!):

  • Group strategy
  • Content planning, content curation and content posting
  • Welcoming new group members
  • Responding to posts and comments
  • Answering questions
  • Encouraging and driving group engagement
  • Moderating

Let go of the overwhelm, and give yourself the time back to focus on what you do best by enlisting the help of an experienced Community Manager!