Facebook and Instagram Ads

Are you a business owner that’s serious about increasing sales?

Paid ad campaigns drive growth – and sales.

Did you know that 71% of ALL UK adults can be reached with Facebook Ads? And 42% on Instagram!

This is seriously incredible news for business owners like you.

Ask yourself these questions …

  • Do you … need help generating leads and sales online?
  • Do you … know you need to level up using Facebook (or Google) Ads, but just don’t know how?
  • Are you … unsure of all the ad terminology and just feel a bit overwhelmed?
  • Have you … tried to do your own ads before, didn’t see results, and wasted a lot of money?
  • Are you … in need of someone to take care of your ads for you, so you can concentrate on the rest of your business?
  • Are you … feeling anxious about your competitors gaining more market share than you with their great ads?
  • Do you … lack the in-house ad expertise your business really needs?
  • Are you … already run ragged with the day to day running of your business and just need someone that you can trust to get on with the job?
  • Are you … ready to fast track your business and work with someone who can support you in the right way?

If you’ve nodded to any of these questions, then please, keep reading! As a Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate, and Ads Specialist, I am here to help!

The benefits of running paid ad campaigns

Why do I love ads so much?

Running ads on Facebook and Instagram gives you the opportunity to put your business directly in front of your IDEAL customer – incredibly cost-effectively!

Facebook and Instagram know an awful lot about their users – which helps us present your product or service to the people most likely to be interested in, and buy from you.

Whether it’s through lead generation ads or conversion ads, we can target both cold, warm, and custom audiences to put you in front of the right people, increasing visibility, enquiries and sales.

Ads are perfect for you if …

  • You have a great website that loads well (there’s no point running ads to a rubbish website!)
  • You’re already getting sales and you now you want to build on your success
  • You have an established organic social presence (if you don’t … ask me about this too!)
  • You know the value that investing in ads can bring to your business

A few recent clients I’ve worked with

To showcase the power of ads done well, here’s a few results from some of my existing clients …

  • £1.2 MILLION worth of leads generated from a £1300 ad spend.
  • £60,000 in kitchen sales from a £200 ad spend
  • Home improvement company: 155 leads worth £155,000-£465,000. All from a £664 ad spend. That’s only £4 per lead!
  • E-commerce client: £1864 sales from £500 ad spend (X 3.7 return on ad spend).
  • Local home services business: 115 Facebook messenger enquiries per month, with an average order value of £600. This has increased from an average order value of £300.
  • E-commerce fashion shop – x 3 return on ad spend (spent £5000, made £15,000)
  • Online consultant and course provider – x 4.62 return on £600 per month ad spend
  • High-end gym franchise: 226 membership leads from a £500 ad spend. Monthly membership £150 per month.
  • List building travel client – 1041 new sign-ups to receive travel offers, at a cost of £1.09 per sign up.
  • Online therapist – 1400 new newsletter subscribers costing £1.18 per subscriber.
  • Sales to ultra-high net worth individuals – £24k generated from £600 ad spend (X 40 return on ad spend).
  • 83 leads generated, with an average order value of £3000, from a £750 ad spend.

What could we achieve together for your business??

Here’s what some of my lovely clients are saying about working with me …

Would you like results like this?

If you feel ready to take the next steps to grow your business using Facebook and Instagram Ads, and want to work with a 5* rated, trusted, straight-talking professional, send me an email and we’ll arrange a good time to talk. I am accredited in Facebook Ads as a Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate.

I’ve specialised in Ads Management since 2015 and offer free 15 minute consultations so I can find out more about your business, and what you’d like to achieve.


I’ve ran ads with an agency before and didn’t see a return on my investment. How do I know my money is safe with you?

In truth? You don’t. No one can guarantee results. But I do promise to use the best of my knowledge and ability to deliver on our objectives. I will treat your money like it is my own every step of the way.

Many of my existing clients have been previously burnt by an agency or rookie freelancer before they found me. Unfortunately it’s often the case that their ads work is left to junior staff members, and sometimes freelancers don’t invest enough in their own training to really stay on top of the ads world. I’ve most recently graduated from The Hub’s Advanced Facebook and Instagram Ads Academy and always stay on top of the latest ads trends and changes. And I like to think that my client reviews and results speak for themselves!

Do you offer Google Ads as well?

Yes, I do! Talk to me about the pros and cons of both on our call. Google Ads is a powerful lead generation channel because people are actively searching for services like yours.

Working with me

My fees are dependent on the level of ad spend I will be working with.

You will need at least £10 per day, per audience for ad spend.

I will advise you what sort of ads budget you will need depending on your business and goals. Some of my clients spend £300 per month on ads, others £10,000 per month.

To chat further, please click on the link below to email me and book in for your free consultation!

I look forward to speaking with you!


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