Facebook and Instagram Audit

Do you have a Facebook page or Instagram profile that doesn’t look quite right?

Do your profiles look dated or unprofessional?

Not sure what tabs you should and shouldn’t have for your Facebook page?

Not really sure what’s the deal with hashtags?

Does your profile photo look a bit weird and are you missing a stand-out mobile-optimised cover photo or video?

Would you like a professional to look at the types of content you’ve been posting and make suggestions for improvements?

Do you just want someone to check that everything is as it should be?

In our Facebook and Instagram Audits we will review your entire Facebook Page and / or Instagram Profile and make recommended changes to get your social channels in optimal shape and looking the part!

As part of our Audits we will:

  • Check your bio and make suggestions for improvements. Does your bio and about section speak to your ideal customer?
  • Assess your profile photo and cover image – and make sure the cover is optimised for mobile views
  • Check if you are making the most of any new features
  • Ensure you have the most appropriate Facebook tabs set up for your business
  • Provide recommendations for frequency of posting
  • Assess the content you have been posting
  • Assess the hashtags you have been using
  • Review of your Instagram / Facebook Shop
  • Look at your engagement and response rates
  • Provide recommendations for the types of content you should be creating (curated, created etc)
  • Assess your variety of content topics
  • Influencer assessment / suggestions
  • Provide tips for a few quick wins or fixes that can be made immediately

Price £99 for 1 platform, or £149 for 2 platforms.

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