Google My Business

Google My Business Listings

We offer a variety of services for businesses taking advantage of their Google My Business listing.

  • Listing Audits – we will review your entire listing for elements such as category selection, keywords, links, photos, reviews, ratings, cover photos, and copy – and make suggestions for changes, updates and improvements.
  • Regular Content Creation and Posting – we will create and post regular content out on your Google My Business listing to keep it active and to help your business stand out.

Benefits of keeping your Google My Business listing active through regular posting:

  • It allows you to stand out amongst competitors
  • You can share your business updates and posts with massive audiences who view your profile (without paying Google for this!)
  • Posting frequently will help improve your Google rankings and will mean you are more likely to get found in local keyword searches
  • It will also give potential customers helpful, relevant information that could help them make a buying decision
  • Google as a whole tends to favour companies that use their products and post frequently
  • Posting to Google My Business follows many of the same strategies as posting to Facebook and Instagram – so you want to keep your audience updated and position your brand as one that interacts with customers regularly, is present and engaging on the platform – and cares.
  • You can post your offers and recent posts regularly to increase brand recognition and affinity

If you have any questions about your Google My Business Listing, get in touch for your free 15 minute consultation.