Social Media Engagement

Social Media Managers: how often are you really active on your clients’ social media accounts?

Do you dread “doing the engagement” on your Facebook and Instagram accounts? Would you rather be spending your time creating fresh content, designing posts, or building your business?

Yep, we get it!

Often, proactive social media engagement can feel like the last thing you want to be working on. But you know you should be, to grow your clients’ social media accounts.

Yet we’re all busy. And we’re all guilty of putting off the things we enjoy least. Often, that’s engagement! And that’s where we can come in!

I have a team of Engagement Managers ready to help take this task off your hands.

Give yourself some breathing space to concentrate on the other things that bring you joy.

We know it’s 100% something you won’t ever want to look back on!

Interested in finding out more?

Send me an email to enquire about our Social Media Engagement Packages.

The Process

  • Book your FREE discovery call so we can discuss your needs and the level of engagement, number of clients and platforms that you need support with. Our clients normally opt for a min of 15 mins of engagement per day, per platform. This can be flexed up depending on your client’s needs.
  • After we have a good idea of the support you need, we’ll send across a proposal, quoted on a monthly basis.
  • Next, we will agree your package and start date, before carrying out the onboarding process and account access.
  • As part of the onboarding process, we will issue a client discovery document for you to detail to us your clients’ ideal consumer/avatar, along with any existing hashtags or accounts you would like us to pay particular attention to. We also issue a brand Tone of Voice document for you to complete, to make sure we are able to communicate in your clients’ correct tone of voice. We detail things like preferred use of emojis in here as well, which is really important for social. If you have a social media strategy in place for the client, we also always recommend sharing that with us too, during onboarding, so we can get a full picture as possible of the clients’ social goals.
  • Sit back and relax, knowing that your engagement is well taken care of!

Engagement Packages start from £240 per month.

Please get in touch to find out more.