Social Media Management

Are you a business owner that needs help with their social media?

Would you be surprised to learn that most people refresh their Facebook feed 10-15 times a day?! The average user spends 20 mins on Facebook and logs in 8 times a day. This is powerful stuff … and you could be putting yourself in front of your IDEAL CUSTOMER right now!!!

For the past 5 years, this is exactly what I’ve been doing. Helping businesses grow using the power of social media! I’ve helped new businesses launch, and established ones thrive.

I understand that there’s only so many hours in the day, and business owners often wear all the hats. Product development, HR, accounting, sales, operations …. it’s hard going. And you really can’t expect yourself to be an expert in everything. That’s why my clients choose me to take care of their social media for them. So they can sit back and concentrate on their business knowing that their marketing is well taken care of.

My clients are happy to work with a professional to take away their social media headache. No more whittling away hours trying to craft a post that just doesn’t work or contribute to moving their business forward. No more anxiously struggling over their social media presence, or lack of!

They appreciate that someone like me can grow their business faster and much more efficiently than they ever could.

Social media can be really overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. And because it updates so regularly and best practices change on a weekly basis, it can be nearly impossible for business owners to keep up.

I’ve seen so many business waste money on poorly written and inadequately targeted posts that they’ve tried to do themselves. Using time and money that could have been used to grow their business if they were working with a professional.

I’ve also seen businesses throw money away on fancy (and expensive) agencies who still don’t know what they’re doing! I’ve found this to be especially true with agencies that aren’t used to working with grassroots businesses, genuinely local businesses, start ups and businesses with smaller budgets.

And this is where my journey began! I saw a gap in the market for real results, for real businesses. I’m proud to bring the powerful results of social media to everyday business owners. It’s the core of what I do. It’s WHY I do what I do.

It’s why I get so excited when a new client comes to me, ready to start our journey together. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I’ve directly helped a business grow using social media Because increased visibility and reach for businesses means more sales.

Why is social media such a ‘must’ for businesses?

Did you know that a staggering 74% of consumers go to social media to guide their purchasing decisions?

That means that once you’re potential customer has been made aware of you, they’re likely to look you up on Facebook before they decide whether or not to buy from you, or your competitor.

They’ll take a look at your Facebook page posts, check for reviews and comments, and see what others are saying about you. It’s all part of the “consumer decision journey”.

Don’t let your business miss out because your competitor is dominating the online marketplace.

Are you visible?

Ask yourself these questions …

  • Do you … know you should be using social media to move your business forward … but just don’t know how?
  • Are you … unsure where to start with Facebook and Instagram and haven’t even got a Facebook Page or Instagram profile?
  • Have you … got your socials up and running, but really don’t know what to do next?
  • Are you … feeling overwhelmed when it comes to promoting your business and knowing what to post?
  • Are you … feeling anxious about how you’re going to increase leads and sales this year?
  • Are you … simply struggling with the time to sit down and get Facebook and Instagram right because you don’t have any in-house marketing help?
  • Do you … worry about what your competitors are doing on social media and worry about them taking more of your market share?
  • Are you … concerned with your lack of professional presence online?
  • Are you … already run ragged with the day to day running of your business and just don’t have hours to waste trying to work things out for yourself?
  • Are you … ready to fast track your business and work with someone who can support you in the right way?

If you’ve nodded to any of these questions, then please, do get in touch for a free and friendly chat about where you are now, and what it is you want to achieve. I am here to help.

What my clients are saying …

Here’s some Reviews posted from my Facebook page!

“Laura is great to work with. The detail of her knowledge of social media is second to none. She makes it easy for you to understand and works tirelessly to move your business forward. I would not use anyone else for my marketing needs. Thank you Laura.” – George Messenger, Cornwall

“I cannot praise Laura and the Practical Marketing Academy enough. Laura’s knowledge, advice, guidance and work ethic has allowed our business to develop our Facebook presence substantially. As a result we recently asked Laura to double her workload for our company..” – Gordon Robertson, Glasgow

“Laura’s knowledge & experience on all things marketing is incredible. Her support & guidance is amazing. If you’re looking at starting a business but don’t know how to market/promote then get in touch with Laura. If you want to promote your well established business & gain more brand awareness then Laura is the lady for you. I can’t recommend her services enough” – Rachel, Total Wellbeing From Bump 2 Birth & Beyond

“Laura has been my absolute saviour when it comes to facebook marketing she has transformed my page and increased my business profile (Isle of Man Event Services Ltd), I would be lost without her expert skills, knowledge and understanding of social media. There is so much pressure for a business to be accessible through social media platforms and Laura has taken this worry completely off my shoulders enabling me to concentrate on the business. If you need marketing assistance I highly recommend using Laura at Practical Marketing she offers an outstanding service. Thank You Laura 🌟” – Sally, Isle of Man Event Services

“Professionalism, experience, knowledge and value for such a great service. I have been working with Laura for 4 years. Her ideas, creativity and passion to help me to grow my business is 5 ⭐️ She is great to work with” – Chris, Apollo Blinds IOM

“Laura is a great person to work with. Her knowledge of social media is outstanding, and her creativity for marketing is just amazing. With Laura’s help and support she has moved our business forward. Her Professionalism and experience is the one thing The Ascot Hotel could not do without. We would highly recommend Laura for any of your social media advertising. Laura gives outstanding service and we wouldn’t be without her. Thank you Laura xx Norman / Sandy and Team” – Sandra, The Ascot Hotel

“After trying my best with my company facebook page, I found it really difficult to write posts and keep on top of it. Laura came recommended by a client, and now I have much more professional looking page with excellent regular posts – thank you Laura!” – Dawn Webb, Chartered Accountant

“After months of getting my Facebooks Ads rejected, I finally found Laura! Her in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complex issues with regards to running a successful ad are outstanding! Laura also was so patient with me and the communication between is something I valued tremendously. I can not recommend Laura enough – I will MOST definitely be using her services again. Laura’s skills are the link in my business that was missing.” – Jo Robertson, Lillian Craze Photography, Wales

“Laura has helped my business for the last eighteen months. It is so important to get the right message out at the right time and Laura has done this time after time. Always positive and creative and very well versed in the workings of social media. I have no hesitation in recommending Laura to any business looking to build their social media profile.” – Bobby, Edinburgh, Franchise Owner

“Laura has been helping me grow my business with her amazing skills with social media marketing, since working with her I have seen a dramatic increase in business! with her brilliant wording and picture editing she has really made my business shine can’t thank you enough Laura!” – Jon Diamond, Diamond Removals

Case study

Chris and I have been working together since 2016 and he’s been kind enough to record this short message for me. During our time together, using my Facebook help, he has grown to be the UK’s number 1 Apollo franchise by turnover. I take care of all his Facebook Marketing needs so he can concentrate on his business.

Why choose me?

I’ve been working with businesses like yours for the past 5 years, helping them grow using the power of social media. I know what works, and what doesn’t, and my client reviews are testimony to the results that I’ve brought to their business.

Educated at a top 10 UK university, with a Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and with more advanced Facebook training programmes, courses and coaching under my belt that I could possibly list, I want you to know that whenever I take on a new client, I give them my best. Your success really is my success!


How do I know if social media is right for my business?

Social media is right for all businesses! Because everyone is online. Which means your customers are hanging out there and you just need to get in front of them.

I’ve tried posting on my socials before and just didn’t see anything back.

Well ran pages and profiles can be extremely successful and worth while (just take a look at those testimonials from my lovely clients!). I’m sorry to drop a truth bomb, but your posts probably sucked. There’s a lot that goes into making a good post (the way you write, the images and videos you use, how you connect and give value to your audience, to name a few things).

How much is it going to cost?

Book in for a free 15 minute consultation and I’ll give you an idea of what you need to be doing on socials to get effective results for your business.

After the initial chat I’ll go away and put some options together for you. Each business is different, with different needs, budgets and goals, so I will provide a selection of bespoke options for you.

Want results like these?

Request your free 15 minute consultation to discuss how we can move your business forwards using social media. Send me an email and we’ll arrange a good time to talk.

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